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TurnPro hand tools are designed to support the installation of instrumentation tube fittings, pipe fittings and tubing. They feature innovative design features and rugged construction for comfort, precision and durability.


TurnPro Indexing Tube Benders makes 180° bends on stainless steel and hardened tube up to 1/2 in a single operation without crossing hands.


TurnPro Open-Jaw Ratchet Wrench lock on to tighten and remove hex nuts, even in tight spaces. They are available in fractional and metric sizes to support the installation of tube fittings up to 1/2 in (12 mm).


TurnPro Reaming and Deburring Tools allow bi-directional motion to quickly prepare tubing up to 1 inch for installation in a tube fitting.


TurnPro Tube Cutters makes clean, smooth cuts on tube up to 1 in without spiraling.


TurnPro Preswaging Tools is a convenient hand- or vice-held devices used to preset ferrules onto tube up to 1/2 in. prior to installation in the tube fitting body.


TurnPro Depth Marking Gauges ensure that the tubing in properly inserted in the tube fitting.


TurnPro Gap Inspection Gauges allow installers and inspector to determine if tube fittings are properly tightened prior to pressurizing systems.


The SSP Tube Fitter’s Bag has all the tools needed to bend, cut, fit, and gage tubing systems up to 1/2 in.


The SSP tube straightener allows installers to run continuous lines of seamless tubing without fittings or welding. The tube straightener allows installers to straighten exactly what they need for each tubing section, reducing waste and connections.