Talented Dancers!!!

These Talented Little Kids Can Dance For Africa


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  1. Why allowing ur children to be dancing on the street,why allow them to dance in a dirty environment , and there is risky what if something comes out from that abandoned bus and bites them and they may even get hurt too ..
    Lack of Parental Care 😐😏

  2. Some plp no get brain sha
    Imagine some comments,
    ”go and read ur book”(you wey don read ur book pls where your Range Rover ?)
    ”dnt dance away ur destiny”(you wey no dance, pls where ur destiny? Inside that single room abi)

    Why are plp so full of negative comments

    This is pure talent and they can go places

    Emmanuela now on Hollywood and was also invited by Senate president
    This is how kaffy start, now she is Top class

    Dnt let negative remark bring u down
    Have ur focus.

  3. Everyone is shouting go and read ur books…..U dat have read and graduated with bsc what are u doing for a living….. U want them to join u and be earning that 50k monthly abi……by the way must every one go school????

  4. Chai Africans!! I have seen videos of African girls dancing in the UK and USA, see comments, most of you will be commenting “you go baby girl, do your thing, this is how Davido n the rest began” because they are abroad but this young girls dance only difference is location then they are told to “go and read books”!! You mean to tell me you never heard hobbies growing up? What’s wrong with dancing for a few minutes!! I was expecting better comments!!! Let’s learn to see n appreciate the good in others than just vomiting negative comments!!!!!

  5. Please for those of you that your profile say live in London and study in Lagos I am not saying that you are Lieing oooo I just imagine how you cop with the transport fee

  6. You people that have already commented before me from A 2 Z are foolish and jobless shildren that are dancing their sorrows away despite their school fees no good teaching from school they are still happy someone cannot dance in peace again.come and die here

  7. Kids should be able to express their talents, clearly they are not hurting no one and for as the ones commenting about reading their books, whose to say they dont and just enjoy their talents in their free time..A child deserves to be a child sometimes and WHO knows this could be their dream…so let them be kids and enjoy their moment!!

  8. They are so lucky.
    If na my village, they for don use cane flog the dancing spirit/witch out of them all of in the of education.
    I dont know what is wrong with my village people.

  9. An idiot found $300 on the floor, he gave it to the police officer, however, the officer thought it was a prank and didn’t accept it. Then this idiot bought himself a phone, what followed next was hilarious, the idiot kept tapping on …. See More

  10. Wow Africa kids are still trying there are best if you are here can you hit like and dope ur number for free card any network of ur choice start now 🚢🚢🚢

  11. That is why Africa is the most beautiful part of the world. Poor food, bad water , no medicine? We r happy anyway.
    The smile on the face of a happy African child can heal every wound. This clip just kept me smiling…. Just becox i saw some happy children.

  12. I bet some superstar is going to rip off the look from these sweet little girls, if anybody damone had any sense they would bring these girls to perform, oooo I know ELLEN!!!! Imma share this!!!!!

  13. Let them kids have fun whsts wrong with what they doing i thank they are some nice well behave looking children hell they learn everything from their family stop being so negative

  14. Please warn your president for us. He came to Ghana to make noise about helping our president to fight corruption. He hasn’t finish with the animals swallowing monies in his country.

  15. There is time for everything not all the time book for those telling them to go read their book, dancing is not a sin or crime is part of exercising your body……those saying read ur book, school first, or lack of parental care…such persons are worst when they become parents their kids will be nothing to write about, before u guys insult their parents check ur life first….

  16. This is what we called Gift.Not everyone can do that,,for those talking nonsense.i pray you will remain there and see them making it in life like Emmanuella.This very thing reminded me when some bad elements were talking bullshit about her,even now some idiots are still talking about her in a negetive way but where is Emmanuella today??Life has taught me a lot..You called yourself graduate and forgot you don’t expect people to behave the way you behave.Be yourself and let them be theirs.

  17. God bless me with such kids. …i love dancing .I wish my future kids wil know how to dance. .I will teach dem……

    Dancing can only bright my mood whenever am sad

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